Creative. Production. Media Management. Commercial Consultancy


SAMM MEDIA can help your business transition to the next level of marketing and advertising using television as a proven media source for leads and sales efficiency. 

SAMM MEDIA can partner your business through:

·         Samm Media is your on-call marketing expert - solve your marketing “pain-points”, frustrations, or shortcomings .

*     Creative development of the commercial theme and messaging strategy incorporating budget requirements and audience reach.

·         Improve your mail creative and reduce mail costs – deliver best performing pieces customized to your business

·         Tv / radio / print production collaboration – utilize a production expert to ensure costs are minimized, creative is aligned with your goals, and results are maximized.

·         Sales Call flow /script improvement and lead management strategy.

·         Project based marketing consultant to monitor, audit, assist and engage on creative/copy development and strategic media placements.

·           Utilize direct response marketing expert on upcoming or existing marketing strategies to enhance performance, provide creative options, or leverage industry knowledge and relationships

* Storyboard creation, talent acquisition, production and post production management, SAMM MEDIA will walk your business through every step of the process while maintaining cost efficiency and business goals.

* Consult on existing production and creative strategies improving cost efficiency and messaging effectiveness.

* Provide media buy services to deliver commercials in a cost effective and efficient way using frequency and the addressable market as the ultimate goals for success.

* A third party consultant to manage the established advertising/ production company's costs and creative process to ensure the best possible outcome and end product is delivered. SAMME MEDIA provides a motioning/diligence function that gives confidence and security to the business who has engaged another advertising/production company.

* Guide and educate your business through the possibilities and opportunity that television commercial advertising presents. Is it right for your company's goal and business model? Is TV advertising the right decision for your marketing and sales needs? If it's not. SAMM MEDIA will be the first to advise on your better, more efficient and cost effective, alternatives. We want your business to succeed, with or without, us. 

SAMM MEDIA can be your partner and accomplice while navigating the many facets of TV commercial and media buying.